passionate, engaging, and thought-provoking

Joe Gerstandt is a leader helping organizations understand diversity and inclusion. As a keynote speaker and consultant, Joe works with Fortune 500 companies, small non-profits, and everything in between. Seamlessly interweaving art and science, Joe uses stories and research to illustrate how next generation cultures can flourish both inside and outside the workplace. read more about joe

Social Gravity:
Harnessing the Natural Laws
of Relationships

Authored by Joe Gerstandt, Jason Lauritsen
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passionate, engaging, and thought-provoking
What if management doesn’t get it?

This is easily one of the more common question that I get. Whether I am talking about authenticity, diversity and inclusion, creativity and innovation, social media or social capital…this is one of the questions that always shows up. I use to have several soft, mushy, sympathetic answers for this question. I use to say things like “do what you can,” and “take baby steps,” etc. But I eventually came to realize that I was only contributing to the problem with those answers, so I am now wanting to respond differently. Let me test drive my new response on you: Do YOU get it? ... More

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