passionate, engaging, and thought-provoking

Joe Gerstandt is a leader helping organizations understand diversity and inclusion. As a keynote speaker and consultant, Joe works with Fortune 500 companies, small non-profits, and everything in between. Seamlessly interweaving art and science, Joe uses stories and research to illustrate how next generation cultures can flourish both inside and outside the workplace. read more about joe

Social Gravity:
Harnessing the Natural Laws
of Relationships

Authored by Joe Gerstandt, Jason Lauritsen
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passionate, engaging, and thought-provoking
Uphill or Downhill?

Difference can be a powerful catalyst. The tension of difference is at the root of all change, learning, and innovation. None of these things can happen without the inclusion of different ideas, information, perspectives, identities, experiences, practices, etc. Not sure which said it best, but Frank Zappa “without deviation from the norm there can be   [Read More…]

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