Stuff you should read…

I may not be getting much blogging done right now, but I know some people that are.  I highly recommend each of these posts…read and share!

  1. Love and Power  A wonderful post from Jamie Notter
  2. Getting More Players on the All-Star Team A wonderful post from Jeffrey Cufaude
  3. Quotas / Women / Boards A wonderful post from Nilofer Merchant
  4. Right Here, Right Now A wonderful post from Shelly Alcorn
  5. What Kind of Misfit Are You? A great post on HBR from Umair Haque
  6. The Power of Noticing A wonderful post from Angela Maiers
  7. Proof that Diversity Drives Innovation An article written by Donald Fan of Walmart, for DiversityInc.
  8. Disrupt Yourself A great piece on HBR from Whitney Johnson
  9. What Neuroscience can Teach Leaders A good read on Bloomberg Businessweek written by John Ryan

Be good to each other.


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