500 is not enough.

When I am traveling home from a conference there are always a number of things bouncing around in my head…conversations that I had, presentations that I sat in on and my feelings about the conference overall.  I think that the 2010 SHRM Diversity and Inclusion Conference was a really good conference. It was a privilege to be a part of the agenda and I am glad that I was able to be there for almost the entire conference.  It was a really good conference in many ways, and it was great to spend a few days in New Orleans.

But it was not big enough.  The SHRM Diversity and Inclusion Conference should be one of the loudest, noisiest, high energy, interactive SHRM conferences there is.

I was told that there were about 500 registrants.  I did not meet them all, but the ones that I did meet were wonderful and I had a lot of really, really insightful conversations with folks.

500 is not enough.

I am at times critical of SHRM and that will probably always be the case.  I am critical because I care.  There are two things involved in caring…one is being willing to be respectfully critical when needed and the other is standing up on behalf of, and advocating for that which you claim to care about.

I try to do some of both, but I feel the need to step up my advocacy on behalf of SHRM.  There were some things that seemed to be missing from the agenda this year, but my primary concern is the size of the conference, not the quality of what was available.

500 is not enough.

I do not know how many are enough, but I think that 1,000 sounds like a pretty rock and roll number.  I want to see 1,000 people attend the 2011 SHRM Diversity and Inclusion Conference that will take place in Washington D.C., October 24th-26th 2011…I am confident that SHRM will provide a powerful, challenging and inspiring format and agenda for us.


I am not challenging SHRM to make that happen, they could probably care less about how many people I think should be there.  I am challenging myself and those of you that are reading this.


We have a year to make this happen.

Do me two small quick favors right now:

  1. put the dates on your calendar
  2. ask one other person to put the dates on their calendar

I look forward to seeing you next October.

Be good to each other.

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