Architecting the Future. In Omaha.

I am committed to helping this body of work continue to evolve and expand.  I am committed to making sure that this work is an integral part of what we do to architect the future.  In my last post, I mentioned some of what I see to be key trends regarding the future of diversity and inclusion work and I am going to expand on each of those issues in upcoming posts.  This post is also about the future of diversity and inclusion work.

Some of us have been talking, and we are putting up the bat signal.  We want you to come participate in a new conversation about this work.

Let me back up a step or two.

Some really smart, really hard working, really courageous people have put on unconference events to focus on issues specific to Human Resources work, known as HRevolution.  HRevolution 2011 will be happening at the end of April 2011.  I will be there.  With all of my bells on, freak flag flying.  The nice thing about knowing smart, hard working and courageous people is that they tend to do a lot of stuff that you can copy.

I am a fierce copy cat.

I was not able to attend HRevolution 2010 in Chicago, but I followed the event closely.  I spoke with some of the folks that organized it, I spoke with some of the folks that presented, I spoke with some of the folks that attended.  I was not there, but I could literally feel the buzz and the energy from several hundred miles away.  People were excited, they were passionate, they were talking about it and shouting about it and screaming about it.

And rather than focusing on the “experts” that have the “right answers” it was about connecting to others and wading into the noisy intersection of a lot of different perspectives and a lot of different agendas…and wondering out loud about which questions are the ones that really matter.  And that is how you make rock and roll.

And some of us thought…

Gosh. We should have a diversity unconference.

And after we thought it, we said it. Out loud.  And then we started talking to each other about it.

And boom goes the dynamite.

And now it’s on.


April 1st and 2nd.

Why Omaha you ask?  Why April Fools Day you ask?  Because it is only the most appropriate thing possible…that is my answer to your fine questions.  It just makes perfect sense.

And you know what else?

You should join us.

We do not have a name or a logo or a website or any money, or anything like that yet, but we have a date and a place…so do me a favor.

Get out your calendar.

Seriously, get your calendar.

And draw a big circle around April 1st and 2nd of 2011…and just write “I am going to Omaha to see Joe and talk about the future.”

And in Omaha we will wonder and talk about the future and then we will go and make that stuff real.

Be good to each other.

  1. Andrew S. Dungan

    I am there.

  2. Ben Eubanks

    I’ll be crazy busy around that time next year, but you better believe that you can reach out if you need any help with ideas, planning, or promotion. Rooting for you and can’t wait to see you at HRev!

  3. Joe Gerstandt

    Thanks Ben, I appreciate that. Would love to pick your brain some time in the near future.

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  5. Carol Harnett

    Hi Joe,
    I’m intrigued. I’m neither an HR generalist nor a diversity expert, but if you think I can help, I’d consider attending your unconference.

  6. Maddie Grant

    It’s in the calendar. Seriously. We’re coming.

  7. Jamie Notter

    It is in my calendar. In pen.

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