On the road again…

A great week ahead! …especially if the travel gods are on my side.

I am currently sitting in Phoenix on my way to ELEVATE, the 2011 California Society of Association Executives annual conference.  I wish I was going to be able to spend some quality time in beautiful Monterey, but this will actually be a very short visit…about seven hours.  I am speaking this afternoon about how diversity drives innovation and looking forward to visiting with some of the California association folks.  I am starting to become an honorary association geek, I think.  I wrote an article about diversity and inclusion for the January edition of Associations Now magazine, recently spoke at the ASAE Great Ideas Conference and will be speaking at the ASAE Annual Conference later this year.  Good people, and I think they like me.

Tomorrow is a big deal for me as I get to be a part of the 2011 Catalyst Awards Conference in New York City.  Catalyst is one of those organizations that does very serious and very valuable work related to diversity and inclusion and it is a privilege for me to be on the agenda.  I will be part of a conversation about what social technology means to diversity and inclusion work.  I think that this is a really important topic for exploration and unfortunately not a topic that is getting much play yet…I am really glad that Catalyst is paying attention (and participating) to the intersection of D&I work and our new social tools.

And on Friday a cool gig, somewhat closer to home.  As part of the Talent Anarchy wrecking crew I will be in Des Moines to keynote an event focused on Putting Social Capital to Work: Unleashing the Power of Networks.  It is being sponsored by the local SHRM and ASTD folks and has been organized by the lovely and talented Ben Stone.  Ben will also be conducting one of the workshops following our keynote.  It will be a good day for some April Fools Day shenanigans.

Maybe I will see you out on the road?

Be good to each other.


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