About that rumble in your belly…

“So what are the best practices?”

This is always where the relationship goes bad.  Everyone wants to know about best practices…and I have beef with best practices.  I think that best practices are relics of another time and I think that they are copouts.

Here is the thing…

People seem to be holding on to this idea that there is a safe, orderly way to make change happen.  They think that if they just get their hands on the right practice, procedure, tool or model then the change that they know needs to happen will neatly and politely fall into place.

Not going to happen.

Disrupting the status quo is rough stuff. It has consequences.  It comes with lumps and loneliness and sabotage.  We talk about change and revolution like it is this romantic, all popular thing…that is only true in history books.

You bringing change to this planet is not about finding the best practices, or the right book, or the perfect plan.

You bringing change to this planet is about simply deciding to that you will fight and taking that first step.


Grab a shovel.  Ask a question.  Mix it up.

Because here is the other thing…

You already know what needs to be done…you’ve known for quite some time.  But it causes a rumble in your belly when you think about it, so you don’t think about it…you pretend that answer is not really there and you look elsewhere for answers…you look outside for answers, which is much safer.  Best practices. Gurus. Thought leaders. All hocus-pocus.

Your tummy rumbles because you are thinking about something that is true and meaningful and beautiful.  Your tummy rumbles because you are playing with powerful magic and you know that you will get bruised.

There is no best practice.  Pay attention to what others do, but you do not work there and you do not work with those people.  You work where you work and you know the what needs to be done there.  Pick that up and own it.  Be thankful for that rumble in your belly, it means that you are awake and alive and about to be a part of the solution.

If you do not feel that rumble from time to time you should be concerned…your soul might have fallen asleep.  You should wake it up.

The work that we do is not rocket science, it is far more complex than rocket science.

Be good to each other.

  1. John Jorgensen


  2. David Ballard

    Great point, Joe. We do use the term “Best Practice” in our Psychologically Healthy Workplace Program, but we define best practice as identifying the unique needs of an organization and its workforce and custom tailoring the practices to meet those needs.

  3. Susan

    “The soul would rather fail at its own life than succeed at another”. David Whyte

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