Dancing in the Intersection

I talk a lot about diversity of thought.  I get some interesting responses to this message, which is for another post, but most of the people that I talk to find this to be a valuable, important and actionable topic.  Some people even tell me that it is just good, common sense.


This is one of those things where human nature can easily and quietly get in the way and something that is clearly common sense becomes much easier said than done.

I think it is fairly easy and safe and even intuitive to see the value associated with different points of view, different approaches, different worldviews.


The intersection where those differences come together  is where tension lives…and that tension can birth conflict and dysfunction or it can birth learning and creation. That intersection is the church of possibility, it is the runway were tomorrow touches down first.


Tension is much easier to avoid than embrace.  It does not require any hatred or bigotry to avoid the tension of difference, it only requires aspirations of some order and some comfort and some simplicity.  Avoiding difference is the path of least resistance…it is where the river of human nature flows naturally, without effort, without conviction, without intention.  It is the default.

Wading into the tension of the intersection requires courage and it requires clarity regarding benefits and challenges associated with the intersection.  It takes energy and effort to go there, there is an upfront cost associated with including difference…it means that we have to deal with and work through that tension, it means we have to sacrifice advocacy for inquiry.

How does your organization or community make decisions?  How does it disagree? How do you?

Authenticity invites Difference…Difference invites Tension…Tension invites Change…Change is life, learning, evolution and reality.

Dancing in the intersection calls for a great deal of reflection, awareness, courage, curiosity and vulnerability…a great deal more than our current models of work and leadership allow for.

So, we have to fight for it.

Be good to each other.

  1. Nilofer Merchant

    I learned something here. That tension puts us at the edge between creation or loss… and I’m thinking we pick which path to head down for ourselves and for organizations based on our personal stance. Well done!

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