Let The Wild Rumpus Start!

Intersections baby, its all about the intersections.  Robust, dynamic, chaotic intersections of different perspectives, different heuristics, different experiences and interpretations…this is what feeds an organizations ability to:

  • share information
  • make meaning from information
  • make high quality decisions
  • solve problems
  • create and innovate

Pretty important stuff. And they are all influenced by our ability to disagree in a healthy and functional way.  The problem is that organizations tend to take kind of a sloppy, haphazard  approach to deliberation, decision making, and disagreeing.  While your organization likely has written policy regarding your I.D. card and how to request vacation, it likely has no explicit guidelines regarding how you will make decisions and how you will disagree.

So, this really important thing that happens all the time throughout your organization is incredibly susceptible to power dynamics, charisma, human nature, mood swings, personal conflict and other things that have nothing to do with good outcomes. Some teams avoid any kind of conflict and some teams get stuck in constant conflict.  They are both dysfunctional.

Your decision making is busted.

We want to help.  My friend, the lovely and talented Nilofer Merchant, and I want to help you and your organization turn discernment, decision making and disagreeing into your advantage.

We want to help you create and care for intersections. 

We have proposed a workshop at SxSW 2012 called “Let the Wild Rumpus Start” where we won’t just talk about it; we will teach and problem solve on it.  Voting ends on Friday, September 2nd…and we would love your vote and questions or comments before then.

Be good to each other.



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