I’m still here!


I have been away for a while. I took a six week break from all things social media, and have not blogged for nearly 3 months. I have mixed feelings about coming back to Twitter and Facebook and am taking that pretty slowly, but I am excited to come back to the blog and I am hoping to make a little noise here in 2014.

I hope that the new year is off to a good start for you. 2014! How is it 2014 and I still do not have a working light saber?

A few things that I want to mention / make you aware of:

I spent some time and money in 2013 developing some resources for folks wanting to do a better job of putting authenticity, diversity and inclusion to work in their organization and on their team. There are three short videos, each with a discussion guide and they are free to use for anyone who wants to use them. They can be found on my resources page. Please use and share…free resources, no strings attached.

My speaking business continues to grow and evolve, and I am looking to partner with someone to help it continue to grow and evolve. If you know of a speakers bureau, booking agent, speakers representative, or entrepreneurial oddball that might be willing and able to make some magic with me, I would love to talk to them.

Some upcoming public gigs where you can find me (or avoid me):

YP Summit | March 6 – Omaha NE – This is a favorite of mine and I will be presenting a breakout session on Flying Your Freak Flag. Phenomenal keynote speakers on the agenda this year.

Breaking New Ground: The Forum on Workplace Inclusion | March 18-20 – Minneapolis MN – My favorite Diversity and Inclusion conference, this will be my third time presenting here and I think this conference gets better every single year. I will be doing a pre-conference workshop and a breakout session here.

Forward | April 1 – Rochester NY – I have been writing for the Workforce Diversity Network for a while now and delivered the closing keynote message for their conference a couple of years ago. They are gluttons for punishment and have invited me back to do a half day session, and it is being hosted by the Rochester Institute of Technology. Very cool.

NOHRC | March 14 – Cleveland OH – The Talent Anarchy world tour continues, and Jason and I are looking forward to taking our message to Cleveland.

NM SHRM | April 7, 8 – Albuquerque NM – Talent Anarchy will also be keynoting the 2014 NM SHRM conference with the theme of “Xtreme HR” …seems like a good fit.

HR West | April 28 – Oakland CA – I have spoken at HR West in the past, but this year I get to provide the opening keynote and talk about Leading Creativity and Innovation. Very excited about this, there will probably be shenanigans.

SHRM Talent Management | April 29, 30 – Anytime is a good time to visit Nashville, and I am looking forward to my first time presenting at this conference…presenting a session called “Do Talented Individuals Make Talented Teams?”

OK SHRM | May 5, 6 – Tulsa Ok – Talent Anarchy rocking another keynote. That is what we do.

SHRM Annual Conference and Expo | June 22, 23, 24 – Orlando FL – So cool. This is my fourth consecutive year presenting at SHRM Annual and  I love the energy of 15,000 HR professionals doing their thing. This is an annual highlight.

Be good to each other.


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