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A few things I want to let you know about:

Got Bias? How Unconscious Bias is Compromising your Commitment to Talent

webinar | February 26, 11:00am CST | register here 

Regardless of our intentions, values and beliefs, we often automatically jump to conclusions. In talent management, this can cause more damage than simply a prolonged hiring process. Without mitigating our automatic biases, they can easily make it more difficult for us to find, attract, engage and retain talent. This quick-hitting webinar will unpack the what, why and how of unconscious bias.

Inclusion by Design

The Great Ideas Conference | Orlando, FL | March 10, 10:30am | register here

While leaders and organizations are coming to greater understanding of the importance of diversity and inclusion, there continues to be little real investment, action or progress. It is in fact, quite difficult to take real action toward inclusion without a clear and tangible understanding of what it actually is. This session makes inclusion real so that you can make it happen, with examination of the experience of being included, as well as inclusive practices on the individual, group and organizational level.

Working with Humans

South by Southwest | Austin, TX | March 15, 1:00pm | info here

There has been considerable discussion about diversity in Silicon Valley and the tech industry, especially in response to workforce demographics of Facebook, Google, and Twitter. Some people think that the tech industry has real bias and discrimination issues. There are, no doubt, sexist and racist people and behaviors in this, and all industries. But I believe the bulk of the problem lies in the fact that founders, managers and leaders do not understand human behavior, specifically how we come to know and make decisions about other people. There seems to be an idea that if we are without hate and fear, meritocracy is automatic. False. Regardless of our intentions, homophily, stereotypes, bias, labels, attribution errors and other tendencies corrupt our decision making about others. This session will distill actionable insights from multiple fields of study that can be directed toward more accurate talent decisions, evidence based decisions and greater organizational outcomes.

Inclusion by Design

The Forum on Workplace Inclusion | Minneapolis, MN | March 18, 1:30pm | registration info here

While intentions have changed in the business community, true inclusion remains elusive. Quite likely the primary challenge for most organizations is that inclusion remains an abstract and vague thing. Even leaders that truly want greater inclusion have a hard time explaining in a clear and concise way what that means. Inclusion is commonly viewed as an attitude or the absence of hatred and intentional discrimination. This session is built around a tangible model of inclusion, including common barriers, a way of assessment and practices to employ toward greater inclusion.

“What looks like resistance is often a lack of clarity.” Dan and Chip Heath

Participants will explore a model of organizational culture: inclusion, assimilation, differentiation and exclusion, examine a collection of questions and metrics to use in assessing the state of their organizational culture, and take away practices for moving their organization toward true inclusion.

Be good to each other.


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