Some resources, recommendations and links…

A quick post to share a few things that I might not have mentioned here in the past…

I have done a couple of webinars with the good folks over at BrightTALK, and they are both available for viewing at your convenience:

Team Genius: Do You Understand What Makes a Talented Team?

Got Bias? How Unconscious Bias is Compromising your Commitment to Talent

My dear friends Maddie Grant and Jamie Notter have written another book, this one even more wonderful than their last. I highly recommend it, you can even get started with a free chapter.

I occasionally write stuff for the good folks over at Diversity Best Practices. They provide a bunch of diversity related content and resources. A few things I have contributed:

Got Conflict?

Making it Real

What is Authenticity?

I have also written some stuff for the Workforce Diversity Network, another great source of information and insights relative to diversity and inclusion. I have also been fortunate to partner with them on a couple of events over the past few years. My written contributions can be found here.

My friends at The Winters Group consistently put out really great diversity and inclusion content, including a bunch of virtual learning labs and The Inclusion Solution, which you should subscribe to right now.

Be good to each other.


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