Does gender make a difference in the hiring process? Of course not, right?

You are a fair employer. You try to look at all candidates equally and don’t discriminate based on demographics. You care about talent. But like it or not, stereotypes and unintentional bias impact our thought process and decisions in complex ways — ways we don’t even realize.

Maybe you’ve noticed it while looking for new talent and maybe you haven’t, but gender impacts how men and women approach the job search, and how employers make hiring decisions. This infographic, compiled by, a job board which gives members access to the most sought after medical sales jobs and pharmaceutical sales jobs on the Web, highlights the different tactics men and women use in the job search process, and offers solutions to help level the playing field.

Some points of note include:

  • Women are often turned off to job descriptions that list traits typically associated with men
  • When employers only had appearance to go by, both male and female recruiters were twice as likely to hire a man than a woman
  • Women who describe themselves with “feminine” terms are seen as less qualified for traditionally male-dominated fields
  • American women ranked men’s leadership skills above their own and those of other women

Check out the full infographic below to see how gender can impact recruiting.

What do you think? What other ways does gender impacts hiring decisions?

And what will you do about it?

Be good to each other.

battle of the sexes 2

  1. Duncan - Vetter

    Though most companies deny it, gender plays a major role in the hiring process. There still is the idea of manly jobs, and women are less likely to get them because they do not even have the opportunity to be selected for an interview. This is something that can be changed starting from the organizational culture. To be more exact, it is mandatory to implement the idea of equity. If someone feels that he/she is qualified for the job, the company must provide a fair recruiting process. This is the only way to achieve a win-win situation.

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