The Blueprint: Inclusion by Design

I think that intentions and aspirations have changed in the business community. There are still plenty of folks who could not be paid to participate in a conversation about diversity and inclusion, and there are still plenty of folks just going through the motions, but I do believe there are more and more people realizing   [Read More...]


Diversity Training pt 1 (the initial challenge)

Last week I introduced a series of posts I am going to write regarding diversity training and at least some initial ideas of the specific issues that I will focus on. As I get additional feedback and input, the length of this series and the topics that I focus on will likely evolve. It is   [Read More...]


Get off of the sideline.

James Garner passed this weekend. I grew up watching both Maverick and Rockford Files, and was sad to hear the news. One of the things that I did not know about Garner is that there was a bit of civil rights activism in his past. I do not know how big of a part of   [Read More...]


Here’s the problem with the Golden Rule…

originally posted in 2011… I recently participated in a panel discussion about leadership.  The conversation was specifically focused on a leaders role in creating an inclusive organizational culture, and the whole thing just made me very scratchy. I tried to not make a big stink during the conversation, but I felt that we were way   [Read More...]


Because diversity training is just the worst, isn’t it?

Is there anything in the wild world of work that elicits more eye-rolling, arm-crossing, sighing for effect, air quotes, and sphincter-puckering than diversity training? There is a real fire and ice dynamic to my work. About half of my speaking engagements are for conferences and similar kinds of events. These audiences are generally forward leaning,   [Read More...]


Diversity and Affinity: The Grand Balance

Diversity means difference. Not because I say so, but because the dictionary says so. Difference is relational; existing between people, not in people. You have to be different from someone, the relationship is inherent. It exists inside of relationships, and it exists inside of all relationships, interactions and exchanges between human beings. Anytime two or more   [Read More...]


Calling B.S. on the “war for talent.”

There has been a great deal of conversation over the past couple decades around the so-called war for talent. Books and whitepapers have been written. Hours have been billed and speeches have been given. Talent certainly matters, and there is certainly competition for talent, but what remains unaddressed inside most organizations is the war on   [Read More...]



This is my flag. I love this flag, it has seen a lot of the world with me. It was given to me during my time in the United States Marine Corps by a guy that had been in longer and seen more stuff. I was young and stupid and sloppy and he had decided   [Read More...]


Got an eye for “talent?” Better check that bias blind spot.

Some of the folks that I get the most resistance from when talking about bias are recruiters and hiring managers. They love to say things like “bigotry is stupid and bad business,” and “I just want to hire the best person for the job,” and “I don’t care about race.” The word “bias,” is probably   [Read More...]


Are you fully assimilated yet?

One of the things that makes efforts toward greater inclusion difficult is that inclusion itself remains a very vague and abstract thing in most organizations. Even leaders that strongly advocate inclusion seem to have a hard time providing clear and concise descriptions of what it is, how it happens, what it feels like, etc. A   [Read More...]


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