Intention is not enough. The truth about bias.

So I have been blathering on and on about beliefs and equality in my last few posts, and I would now like to continue said blathering. I see two great challenges in pursuing greater equality: 1- People that do not want, or believe in, equality. I used to think that this was a pretty small   [Read More…]


Equality, outcomes and the absence of leadership.

I have been thinking about the importance of our beliefs, especially beliefs regarding equality. This is the scenario I threw out in my last post: I once worked for an organization that was close to 50% male and 50% female. As you worked your way up the organizational chart there was less and less gender   [Read More…]


More on belief.

I once worked for an organization that was close to 50% male and 50% female. As you worked your way up the organizational chart there was less and less gender balance, and by the time you got to the senior leadership team there was not a single woman to be found. How would you explain   [Read More…]


Start First With What you Believe

The idea of fact has always appealed to me, maybe you as well. Part of the appeal, for me at least, lies in the fantasy that by presenting you with enough cold, hard facts I will not need to argue or try to convince you of something. “This isn’t just my opinion/agenda/perspective, look at all   [Read More…]


Taking a short break from being angry.

I have never been the most consistent blogger, but I have not posted anything here since late August, and the primary reason for that is that I have been angry. Every time I have sat down to try and write something to post here, it has turned into an angry rant. Ferguson. Eric Garner. Out   [Read More…]


You know what they say about assumptions.

 Is what you see accurate? I am not an especially smart human being. My life is a box set of lessons learned the hard way. I am the guy that still has to burn my hand on the stove from time to time, I guess it makes a better story than taking your word for   [Read More…]


Potpourri Post! Catching up on stuff, asking for HELP!, soliciting feedback…

Been a busy few weeks! Hope that things are well with you as summer is winding down. Spent a bunch of time in the beautiful city of Nashville recently, working with a client and have been to Chicago, Lake of the Ozarks and Richmond to do work since then. And there was a quick trip   [Read More…]


Diversity Training pt 2 (the basics)

This is what happens. The leadership of an organization comes to feel like they need to “do something” relative to diversity and inclusion. So they hire some person to do some training. And maybe the facilitator is good, maybe people actually like the training. And the training comes to an end and everyone has a   [Read More…]


The Blueprint: Inclusion by Design

I think that intentions and aspirations have changed in the business community. There are still plenty of folks who could not be paid to participate in a conversation about diversity and inclusion, and there are still plenty of folks just going through the motions, but I do believe there are more and more people realizing   [Read More…]


Diversity Training pt 1 (the initial challenge)

Last week I introduced a series of posts I am going to write regarding diversity training and at least some initial ideas of the specific issues that I will focus on. As I get additional feedback and input, the length of this series and the topics that I focus on will likely evolve. It is   [Read More…]


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