What if management doesn’t get it?

This is easily one of the more common question that I get. Whether I am talking about authenticity, diversity and inclusion, creativity and innovation, social media or social capital…this is one of the questions that always shows up. I use to have several soft, mushy, sympathetic answers for this question. I use to say things   [Read More...]


Do your employees talk to each other or about each other?

I am attending and speaking at one of my favorite diversity conferences this week, and on the trip here I overheard a conversation in the airport among 3 co-workers who were taking one of their peers to task, I mean they are letting her have it! Unfortunately for her, and for the organization that these   [Read More...]


Authenticity and Inclusion – connecting the dots

My work has been focused on diversity and inclusion from the beginning, and over the past 2-3 years, authenticity has become my third primary focus. There are a number of reasons for this. 1- I am trying to fill my buzzword bingo card. 2- My own personal experience tells me that authenticity is hard work   [Read More...]


Disagreement or Dishonesty

A couple of years ago, I started paying a lot of attention to how organizations make decisions and deal with disagreement. I had come to see it as a really reliable marker for how inclusive an organization or a team truly was. As I started paying more and more attention to decision making, I also   [Read More...]


I’m still here!

Greetings! I have been away for a while. I took a six week break from all things social media, and have not blogged for nearly 3 months. I have mixed feelings about coming back to Twitter and Facebook and am taking that pretty slowly, but I am excited to come back to the blog and   [Read More...]


The Day After Veterans Day

Veterans Day is a great Facebook holiday. Facebook makes it easy for folks to remember that it is Veterans Day and makes it easy to post some thoughts or a photo related to Veterans Day. Between the Marine Corps Birthday on November 10th and Veterans Day on November 11th, my Facebook timeline really lights up   [Read More...]


Who taught you that?

One of the books that I find myself recommending a lot is Orbiting the Giant Hairball by Gordon MacKenzie. It is a wonderfully written book touching on organizational culture, authenticity, courage, creativity, expression and other related issues. One of the stories in the book has always stuck with me, since the first time I read   [Read More...]


Can I get a favor?

South by Southwest happens every year in March and it has become one of my favorite conferences to attend and speak at. Getting on the agenda as a speaker is fairly difficult…they are currently trying to sort through 3,000 proposals for the 2014 show. One of those proposals is mine and I am asking for   [Read More...]


Hi Joe, this is reality…

This is the beginning of a busy season for me, and I am on the road almost constantly for the next couple of weeks. Being the emotional infant that I am, I have a natural range of about four “emotions” when I travel for work; 1- busy working, 2- busy reading, 3- busy sleeping and,   [Read More...]


Do you make too much sense?

“Do I contradict myself? Very well, then I contradict myself, I am large, I contain multitudes.” -Walt Whitman I am a lot of things. I am a straight, white, male living in Omaha, Nebraska. I am a business owner, a speaker and an author. I am a father, son, brother, husband, uncle and cousin. I   [Read More...]


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