Just Do Something

“Those that say it can’t be done should get out of the way of those doing it”

-Chinese Proverb

This is my second post related to HRevolution…probably going to write one or two more.  I think it is only appropriate that each of my personalities has a chance to go on record about this event.  My first post about HRevolution was the smart ass post…this is the kiss ass post.

I do not see a real bias towards action inside most organizations.  We talk and think and study and consider and plan and observe…and these are important things to do, but only if they are informing action.  Sometimes too much thinking and planning gets in the way of action.  We spend a lot of time developing communication plans, playing the game, making the rounds, getting people on board, etc.

Sometimes we just need to do something.

I still have not actually attended an HRevolution event, but I love what it is at its core.  It is something that some people just decided to do.  They did not have permission or budget or sponsorship…it probably did not make complete sense because it had never been done before, but they just did it.  They had an idea that they thought mattered and they decided to just do it.  I love that.

In the nature of HRevolution…

Whether you are attending or not.  Regardless of who you are or what you do…do something this week that you know needs to be done.  Don’t put it on the agenda or on the list or on the table, just go do it.

After all.

You are a smart person and you know it needs to be done.

Be good to each other.

  1. Kate-Madonna

    How often I need to hear and REALLY listen to this message: to know that others are out there, being a revolutionary is thrilling. Proud of your words. Thank YOU.

  2. Joe Gerstandt

    Thank you Kate and Right. Back. At. Ya!

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