More on this word, diversity.

  One of the tendencies that I increasingly see among organizations and leaders in their definitions of diversity is to lump it together with commonality. Not a small number of times I have heard or read the statement “diversity is the sum total of our differences and similarities…” I think that you should stop doing   [Read More…]


About this word “diversity.”

I have been writing about moving diversity and inclusion work forward and the foundational significance of language. Language itself can be paradigm shifting, it is one of our most powerful, and also one of our most commonly overlooked interventions. If you are going to move this work forward, if you are serious about providing a   [Read More…]


Where to start.

My last post spoke to encouraging signs that there is some real energy building up around actually doing the work of making our workplaces and communities more inclusive. Not just lip service, not just a parade of good intentions, not just posters and pot-lucks. We are not on the home stretch by any means. There   [Read More…]


Time to get started?

I am hopeful. I feel like there is a new momentum gathering behind this work. Maybe it is time to get started? With the actual work of inclusion, that is. I know, I know… This may bring about a certain amount of psychological pain for some, exhausted by the mere mention of this work. There   [Read More…]


What matters most, and who decides?

Maybe you have had an experience similar to this… A number of years ago I went to work for an organization that in the interviewing, hiring, and on-boarding process was very focused on, and proud of, its core values. And they were good values. The attention paid to them as I joined the organization made   [Read More…]


Where shall we go from here? The Future of Diversity and Inclusion.

10 years ago, I did quite a bit of “101” stuff. I did a lot of presentations on what diversity and inclusion mean for the workplace of today, and a lot of making the business case. I do very little of that today, and much more regularly am interacting with leaders and organizations that are   [Read More…]


Kids, Vegas, Poetry and a little help.

See you in Vegas? The 2015 Society for Human Resource Management Annual Conference & Exposition is rapidly approaching and it is in Las Vegas this year. This is a big conference, so there would be lots to do and see regardless of where it was held, just due to the fact that it brings something   [Read More…]


Does gender make a difference in the hiring process? Of course not, right?

You are a fair employer. You try to look at all candidates equally and don’t discriminate based on demographics. You care about talent. But like it or not, stereotypes and unintentional bias impact our thought process and decisions in complex ways — ways we don’t even realize. Maybe you’ve noticed it while looking for new   [Read More…]


How will you win the war for height?

We all know that tall people make better employees, are more driven, and have superior leadership skills…that goes without saying, but how much do you base your hiring decisions on height? A little? A lot? On a scale of 1-10 how important is height to you when you are considering a candidate? And more importantly,   [Read More…]


Uphill or Downhill?

Difference can be a powerful catalyst. The tension of difference is at the root of all change, learning, and innovation. None of these things can happen without the inclusion of different ideas, information, perspectives, identities, experiences, practices, etc. Not sure which said it best, but Frank Zappa “without deviation from the norm there can be   [Read More…]


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