Let’s talk about sex…

Sorry, I just couldn’t think of a title for this post.

This is actually my final post about HRevolution.

Just about done for the week and looking forward to leaving tomorrow morning for Atlanta and HRevolution 2011.  I have already written the smart-ass post and the kiss-ass post, so this one was going to be the serious post about what my session was going to be about.  And then I looked at the agenda and realized that nobody is even going to come to my session, so I do not need to have a plan.  Considering the other sessions that I could be in at 10:30 on Saturday morning, I am not even going to be very happy to be in my session.


Just in case I get some pity attendance I should probably have something in mind.

So, here is my draft agenda for our conversation on Saturday morning, please let me know if anything is missing.

  1. STDs
  2. People
  3. How and Why to Break Stuff

Sound like a plan?

Be good to each other.


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